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Do you expect to sell themes for VT Pro-e?

While we may someday decide to do that, right now we're outsourcing our theme work to NT Designs.  They know ADAPT well and can create a custom theme to fit your needs.  They do great work.  We've been very happy with everything they've done.

Is there any programming needed with Adapt?

Yes and no.  It depends on how you approach your systems.  The most powerful thing about ADAPT is you can quickly program one system with all the devices you typically sell.  Make sure to put in enough rooms and user interfaces for today and the future and the rest is done by using System Manager to configure everything. 

Are there any limits I should worry about?

Not very many, but there are a few.  We've limited the rooms to 50 and the sources to 36.   You can have up to 20 thermostats and 20 doorlocks.  You can have up to 36 other devices as well.

Can I make my own modules and connect them to Adapt?

Yes, you can create your own devices and use the ADAPT_Generic* modules to connect them to ADAPT.  This is a very easy and flexible way to add devices that aren't in our database yet.