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michael grady - Audio Command Systems

"ACS has now been using the Adapt Suite exclusively and has over 8M dollars of installed projects using the
software. The overall experience has been phenomenal. The ease of use, flexibility, and overall feature set
are second to none and this has really translated to the end user. When the client says, 'hey, it would be great
if I could do this or that', we are showing the feature within minutes of the request. The time and cost
savings has continued to grow to the point that we have nearly cut programming time in half while feature
sets improve. We have also seen a significant increase in speed and efficiency when adding onto systems,
gone are the days where programming is 10x the price of the source we are adding.

ACS has realized that relationships in the integration industry are more important now than ever. At ACS
we pride ourselves on partnering with companies that provide our end users and us the best support.
PanTech Design has repeatedly provided us with the best support and training. We are thrilled to have
partnered with PanTech Design, a true leader in the industry.

I wanted to share a quick story about a recent project we just wrapped up. We were delivering the system
late on a Friday night. The client thought the graphics were a little 'gimmicky' and 'cartoony' while the
home screen was 'too busy'. This used to be the point the salesman looks at the programmer in disgust as
the programmer realizes all of his hard work was for nothing because the client didn’t like it. Within 5
minutes we had a complete new simpler look and feel to all of the panels. The client was thrilled with the
new look and feel. With Adapt we could change it all on the fly and everyone goes home happy for the

Nick Mitchell - Home Innovations

"We are a small Integrator based in Delaware and we struggle to find experienced Audio/Video installer applicants let alone Crestron programmers. Adapt has given us the confidence to provide rock solid programming with Crestron's rock solid hardware. It has opened up whole new revenue streams for us as a small dealer. Thank you, PanTech Design."

Pat Mulligan - Pacific Audio & Communications

"Aloha. We jumped on board with Adapt this past CEDIA (2016). After programming Crestron for over 20 years, I needed a way to free myself up and get my techs more involved on the finish and commissioning of systems. Adapt has cut our programming and finish/commissioning in half. Not only are we programming systems faster, but the finished product we're putting out is much more powerful and intuitive than ever. The future looks bright with Adapt with some of the added features they have released (like dynamic IR) and other items in the pipeline. I look forward to seeing what else they come up with to save us, dealers, time and money."

Michael Grady CTO - Audio Command Systems

"I wanted to share with you our experiences with the Adapt programming suite:

I have evaluated dozens of 3rd party Crestron programming options through the years always with the same result, not enough customization, not supportable long term, and/or just poor programming standards.  Once I saw capabilities and amount of control available from the Adapt software I knew the game had changed.  

ACS has been developing a standardized repeatable programming code for over 10 years and we have been very successful implementing some of the largest residential Crestron projects throughout the world. The missing aspect behind the ACS approach was the beautiful front end Pan-Tech Design was able to provide for Adapt. This front end allowed technicians and project managers control the most common changes, renaming rooms and sources, reordering of rooms and sources, and hiding specific subsystems or rooms from certain interfaces. I knew at that time to continue down the path of parallel development would be a mistake and have since embraced the ADAPT suite.

We have recently started to use Adapt exclusively. In our first project we saved 25% programming time versus similar projects. As we become more proficient in programming Adapt I expect to see these numbers to drop another 25-35%.  Overall the Adapt suite has been a real game changer for ACS. This has allowed us to provide our clients a system with more features while drastically reducing programming times. The staff at Pan-Tech design has been an incredible team to work with and we look forward to collaborating with them and continue our relationship long into the future."

Chris Matthews - Acoustic Designs

"As the owner of a systems integration company with a strong appreciation for Crestron, I am always looking for creative methods to reduce our labor costs while increasing productivity; at the same time providing our clients with an intuitive user interface and most importantly, a reliable product. Since working with Pan Tech Design’s Adapt software we have used Adapt to re-write our showroom and office automation system and some pilot customer projects in much less time than would have been previously possible."

"The Adapt product is written in such a way as to provide a great deal of flexibility with much of the time consuming programming being handled behind the scenes. This allows us to concentrate on achieving our objectives in a timely manner while still providing our clients with a customized Crestron experience."

Lorenzo Giles - Innovative Technology Solutions

“Being a small, boutique integration company, we wanted full control of our integration process. When Crestron announced Home Elements we thought, 'finally we can bring programming in house without the use of a CSP.' We quickly realized that although powerful, Home Elements had a long way to go. The non-agnostic approach Crestron took with Home Elements quickly exposed it as a lackluster solution for us. We attended CEDIA 2015 and found the gem that is ADAPT. After using their demo we knew right away that this would change our business forever. We completed our first ADAPT installation in one week: 7 panels, 16 zones of audio including doorbell functionality, and beyond. The level of support we received from ADAPT was amazing, ADAPT’s technical support team went above and beyond to help with all of our needs. We completed our latest system consisting of 22 Panels, 8 Video Zones, 32 Audio Zones, 18 Thermostats, and 24 Lighting zones in 2 weeks. ADAPT has allowed us to pursue projects we would have never dared to pursue, and as a result our efficiency is through the roof. It is allowing us as a company to deliver top-of-the-line modern interfaces in a fraction of the time. I highly recommend ADAPT to any integrator looking to streamline their process and deliver a product that truly harnesses the power of Crestron.”

Mike Willis - ATI of America

"We came from the background of using Crestron Home Elements in all of our jobs. So, when we heard of Adapt we were a little skeptical. Now, since we've been using it for the past few months, we are blown away. It's years beyond what we've seen with Home Elements. It makes using the full power of Crestron easy. We can integrate with any 3rd party system and Adapt is built to handle it. We can program a home in a fraction of the time and have our techs on site make any changes that the homeowner might request. Definitely worth the purchase and we are happy to be on board the Adapt team!"

T.J. Toney - Audio Dimensions

"Just wanted to let you know how much Adapt is doing for us. Not only are we programming systems faster, but the finished product we're putting out is much more powerful and intuitive than ever. Even as good as it is now, I can really see the potential of what could be implemented in the future. Just wanted to say thanks again for letting us be part of the family. "

Russell Davis - Integration Design Group

“This is the software that Crestron SHOULD have developed!  Finally a tool for the average integrator/field tech to make on the fly changes without complicated programming, compiling and reloading.  The Home Page interface options are easily customizable and powerful, much less page flipping for the simple day to day tasks. Adapt is a homerun in my book! We’ve been able to make changes in minutes that might have otherwise taken hours or even days! As an integrator that relies heavily on third party programming Adapt has given me much more control over the deployment and initial system setup. It is a HUGE time saver!”  

Jonathan Lane - ARC Sound+Vision

"ADAPT is a must have for any Crestron dealer.  The development time is less, the deployment time is less and most importantly the cost less.  We use a CSP,  but regardless of who writes the code you can finally get it fast, cheap and good.  Additionally, the ability to make UI and/or minor equipment changes in the field is huge for us.  Typically these changes have to be scheduled and coordinated but with ADAPT my technicians can make these changes.  The customer is thrilled, the system runs flawlessly and everyone wins.  If this is the first version, we cannot wait to see what future development brings."

Chris Kangis - Electronic Interiors

"I’ve been programming Crestron systems for over 20 years now and had always rejected using 3rd party programmers. 15 years ago I created my own modular programming suite to simplify, solidify and speed the delivery of my systems… that was until a few years ago when everything changed!  New demands on user interface requirements, more sophisticated devices, general flakiness, etc. We’ve all been feeling the pain.  That’s when I decided to change my paradigm and look to partner with a CSP.  Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by what I saw – Most were still stuck in old processes and concepts of the past; none that I looked at even had a modular approach that I could run with.  That was until I saw ADAPT from the guys at p|d!  I’m experiencing an elegant framework that provides universality and flexibility for a small, simple system to the most sophisticated, multi-discipline project. I’m experiencing rapid deployment – delivering working code in hours, not days or weeks. And the support is world-class!  Because of this, I’m experiencing more profitability because I’m delivering reliable, modern interfaces more quickly. If you haven’t seen ADAPT, then you haven’t yet seen the future of successful integration!"

Gary Humble - Grapevine Craft Brewery

"Creating a well polished and unique experience in our brewery’s new taproom and beer garden was of the utmost importance. Part of that experience is providing a quality A/V installation that is not only aesthetically pleasing to our guests, but easy to use by our staff providing the ability to change scenes quickly and seamlessly. Crestron hardware combined with the experience p|d provides gave us exactly what we were looking for and then some. The installation along with the ongoing support and follow up is superb. PanTech Design cares as much about their work as we care about our beer, and that’s saying something."

"This Tap Room was very special to me for a lot of reasons.  A few I'm sure you already know.  I do like beer, but this was inside of our first 20 ADAPT projects and showed us the silly puddy of the software and what was possible.  We did things we never designed ADAPT to do and it does them elegantly." - Troy Morgan CEO/PanTech Design

Jason Cole - TCAV (Texas Custom Audio Video)

"We've been outsourcing our Crestron programming to p|d for a while now and really love working with these guys.  Troy shared ADAPT with me 8 months ago and asked if I'd be okay using it on some upcoming projects.  I'm glad I said, 'yes.'  ADAPT has a great end user experience and my customers have been very happy with it.  I like that I'm able to change things around on my own using the System Manager tool.  This is what we've needed for our Crestron systems for a long time.  Thanks guys!"