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Adapt Chat - April 2018

A monthly roundtable for Adapt dealers with Troy Morgan and Megan Corcoran.

Adapt - Crank Up your Programming in 2018

Crank Up Your Programming: How to Kick Your Programming into High Gear in 2018

2018 is right around the corner, which makes now the ideal time to start planning for how you'll improve your business next year. In particular, there are some practical ways to make money selling software in 2018 that we'd love to share with you.

PD - Device Tools

Introduction to our new software tool for testing IR, Serial, and IP on Crestron control systems.

Adapt Suite - Dynamic IR

In this video we give a brief tutorial about using our brand new Dynamic IR feature for video displays and AV receivers.

Adapt Suite - Overview

This video is a brief overview of what Adapt is, how it works, and what's included in the Adapt Software Suite.

Adapt Suite - Configuring with System Manager

This video is a brief tutorial for configuring your Adapt SIMPL Windows program with our System Manager application.

Adapt Suite - Programming Part 1

This is Part 1 in a tutorial series for programming an Adapt system in Crestron's SIMPL Windows.  This covers our Bootup and Global Settings modules.

Adapt Suite - Programming Part 2 - Audio Switchers

In this video we demonstrate programming the Adapt Audio Switcher module in SIMPL Windows and System Manager.

Adapt Suite - Programming Part 3 - Video Switchers

In this video we cover programming video switchers in Adapt.

Adapt Suite - Programming Part 4 - Receivers

In this video we show you how to program the Receiver and Display Adapt modules in SIMPL Windows

Adapt UI - Multiroom

This video shows how to control whole house audio and video on an Adapt user interface for Crestron home automation systems.

Adapt UI - Channel Presets

This video shows how to save and modify dynamic channel presets for an Adapt home automation system.

Adapt UI - Settings

This video shows you how to adjust settings on the Adapt interface for Crestron home automation systems.